Free Essay Pagan and Christian Symbolism in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight People of the Middle Ages saw and interpreted their world through the lens of. In an essay, define the chivalric code and prove how Gawain, in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, is both a laudation and a condemnation of the chivalric code.. Sir Gawain and the Hunt Parallels Throughout the poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the Pearl Poet uses symbolism to convey to the reader more clearly. Below you will find five outstanding thesis statements for Sir Gawain and the Green Knight that can be used as essay starters or paper topics. All five incorporate at least one of the themes found in the text. Thesis Statement Essay Topic 5 Symbolism of the Color Green. Color plays an important symbolic function in Sir.

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Symbolism and Medieval Literature

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