The potential for the ultimate form of environmental degradation- a nuclear holocaust- exists as a result of this non-recognition of global interdependence, the antithesis of unity in diversity. Therefore, while there are a great variety of principles important to facilitating harmony within and between the human and natural world,. Under the organization of the President of Nagoya University, the Nagoya University Global Environmental Leaders Program (masters program) is established. On July 24, Graduate School of Environmental Studies hosted Masters thesis defense session, and 6 NUGELP students, expecting to graduate this fall, namely. Jun 1, 2010. This thesis examines the concept of environmental sustainability with a focus on global efforts to achieve this. The purpose of this capstone is to assess efforts made to curb the impact of environmental degradation on the society by some developed and developing countries such as Switzerland, United. This thesis is about global catastrophic risks and the conscious effect of such risks at the level of everyday life. Utilising R. D. Laings concept of ontological security, this thesis questions the extent to which risks that loom in the global environment cause a sense of ontological insecurity amongst individuals at the local-level.

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