which provides real-time financial data, news feeds, and messages. The terminal is available in the WCC office by request. Career development videos. Visit OlinCareers.wustl.edu for recruiter advice and insights on topics such as rsum writing, effective business communications, interview- ing, and strategic relationship. Optional Interviews. Washington University does not require interviews as part of the admission application process, although we encourage you to visit campus and. Rsum Books. Olin publishes rsum books for employers. Employers use rsum books to evaluate students. To be included, you must complete your up-to-date profile and upload a current rsum. Online rsum books enable employers to conduct searches based on profile data and key words. resume writing cover letter assistance LinkedIn profile social branding career navigation. I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer through the Professional Association of Resume. Career Consultant for Olin Business School students specializing in consulting careers, supply chain, and veteran transitions.

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