The resume is dead.

This world has progressed past "Please send your resume with cover letter to..." and we all need to embrace it. There are so many reasons for a resume to die, but none more than it being fundamentally archaic. I for one can't sum up my career in one page. Truth is, I shouldn't need to. And I shouldn't have to distill all that I've done down to bulleted lists. The work I've done deserves much more respect than that. As should yours.

We ignore resumes anyway. Instead we type the person's name into the magical Google machine, and we browse. We see what comes up on the first page. And that's exactly what we should be doing. Does the person have a website? A blog? What are they writing about on that blog? Are they on Twitter? What are they sharing? What are they commenting on?

The resume is dead. Kill yours. Brand yourself instead.

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