Guest Post: Heidi Liou

Guest Post: Heidi Liou // @number1mitchfan  


Unique sports. Specifically the sport of synchronized swimming. This past summer Olympics was definitely a special one to focus on synchronized swimming. The costuming/suit designs got better, swimmers got stronger, the teams were more unified. I am part of a synchronized swimming team and have been for the past 12 years. I practice more than 20 hours a week so that in the end, our team can be perfectly synchronized as we can. The physical training is extremely intense, but it feels so good to push myself to the limit. A new person is unleashed when I swim. Connecting to an audience through artistic movements is one of the greatest feelings in the sport of synchronized swimming. I love synchro because it has made me who I am. Without it, I wouldn’t know what it means to overcome an obstacle that I never even believed I could do; what it means to be successful; what it means to become so closely bonded with someone that they become family; what it means to do what I love. It teaches me to cooperate with others under all circumstances and mentally fight through my own struggles. People who are proud of something unique, is what inspires me.