Things to Leave Off Your Resume Photographs, Unless youre applying for a modeling job, your appearance does not matter (outside of general good. Here is a blog entry published in the Virtual Recruiter by Executive Recruiter Louie Luevanos MY TOP 10 RESUME NO-NOs Its easy to make mistakes on your resume and. Sep 8, 2017. Many of you may read this and think that these are blatantly obvious resume no-nos. But surprisingly, they are not. For those creating their first resume, re-entering the workforce after many years, or just altogether unsure, this list can help. Have you seen other crazy things on resumes in your position? Ive done a few big no-nos over the years with my resume. Some of my resume writing sins were stupid, some were silly, but. This post is a warning for all job-seeking resume writers. Committing any of these 10 sins could send your resume straight to trash bin hell.

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Top Ten Resume No-No’s! – Synergy Medical Recruiters

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Top Ten Resume No-No’s! – Synergy Medical Recruiters

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