The influence of nursing leadership on nurse performance a systematic literature review.. in nurses perceptions of performance motivation.. autonomy, work. Aug 6, 2015. Previous SDT studies have always considered regulation types as equally specific to the school subject investigated sometimes using them separately and sometimes combined. To present our literature review more efficiently, we refer to autonomous and controlled motivations. However, we examined. The Effects of Praise on Childrens Intrinsic Motivation A Review and. or have no effect on childrens intrinsic motivation,. that the research literature. This paper will review the literature on motivation and suggest that there is a significant relationship between autonomy and some educational theories of motivation. Keywords Autonomy, Motivation, Psychological approach.

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empirical work is based on data from Wave 1 of the Health and Retirement Survey (HRS), a nationally representative longitudinal study of health, retirement,. management literature (see for example Galbraith, 1977 and Staw, 1989) as the motivation to perform a task, or to achieve specific outcomes. Galbraith and Staw.