Suspend and resume - You dont actually quit vim with this, you simply hide your session in the background until you need it. If you reset your computer or issue a kill command to vim, you will lose your session. This is good for when you want to switch to another task temporarily, but if this is the case, then. map C-V gP. map S-Insert gP. cmap C-V C-R. cmap S-Insert C-R. Pasting blockwise and linewise selections is not possible in Insert and. Visual mode without the virtualedit feature. They are pasted as if they. were characterwise instead. Uses the paste.vim autoload script. exe inoremap script. my essay Apr 22, 2016. Suspend and resume - You dont actually quit vim with this, you simply hide your session in the background until you need it. If you reset your computer or issue a kill command to vim, you will lose your session.

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