BUSINESS PLAN OUTLINE. A Proposed Mobile Software Solution Company A. BUSINESS PLAN SUMMARY. Mobile applications, or simply apps, have become part of daily life. With the advent of several models of smartphones, even those who are on a. tight budget can afford to purchase one. This provides a good. Though there are many new mobile game businesses springing up, not all of them actually take the time to write a business plan. However, the truth is that every mobile game business can benefit from a business plan. to be more practically oriented and directly applicable in game development studios. It is the hope of the authors that this report will allow young start-up companies within the game business of Scandinavia to structure their thoughts and business plans more thoroughly. While there are precious few answers to give to the.

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Feb 26, 2015. Next, you need to describe your business and mention the current landscape of the video game industry as a whole. Be specific about this. For example, if you are developing only mobile games at the moment, detail the current landscape of the mobile game industry. From there, detail where you think the. How to Write a Business Plan for a Mobile Gaming Company.. Business Planning for a Mobile Gaming. And Apple surely didnt plan on games being the main driver of. Top business plan app with 500,000 downloads and over 50,000 people who already created their business plans on this app. The app helps you in these ways.