Curriculum Vitae. Thomas Henry Douglas, MD. Carolina Urology Partners, PLLC. 1780 Medical Park Drive, Rock Hill, SC 29732. (803) 327-1116 Education Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC. Urology Resident, July 1992 to June 1997. Transitional Intern. I would like to continue my career in a fast growing and competitive private practice urology office to perform my expertise skills. I love to learn new things and. SIU Urology is a leader in patient care, research, and in educating the physicians of tomorrow. In addition to providing expert care and treatment at our affiliated. CURRICULUM VITAE. BIOGRAPHICAL. Name Zhou Wang, Ph.D. Business Address University of Pittsburgh. Shadyside Medical Center. Urology Research G-40. 5200 Centre Avenue. E-mail Pittsburgh, PA 15232. Business Phone (412) 623-3903. Business Fax (412) 623-3904.

Sale to clients 17 years of age or innovative is prohibited.

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