Creative Writing Todays Poem To Inspire Rainbows. July 13, 2017. First thing this morning I spied over the houses between the trees through the cloud by gift of fractured light seven strips of colour in the upside-down smile called a rainbow. For me, a poem is a key, unlocking a moment in time and revealing the. Filed Under Writing Poetry Tagged With inspiration, poetry. You are very correct when you said the places u find yourself can b a source of inspiration for writing has happened to me on several occasions.Anyway sometimes I could be gazing at. The poet William Wordsworths words were my inspiration. Good poetry, he wrote, is the spontaneous overflow of feelings originating from emotion recollected in tranquility (154). The writer must capture emotions experienced in a significant event, whereas in reality, our feelings may be concealed even from ourselves.

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Laying on grass and staring at the clouds, sitting on a swing, on a boat, or even at your desk will inspire you to let your emotions free themselves into poetic thoughts and feelings. Let the thoughts flow out of your mind, your heart and your fingers. Whatever comes to mind just write it, even if its not the final draft (and, in all. These Writing Inspiration poems are examples of Writing poems about Inspiration. These are the best examples of Writing Inspiration poems.