I currently have a impdp job running for a fairly large schema. Oracle Data Pump, pause a job.. and then resume the import? Options can be supplied as part of the IMPDP command line or within an import parameter file. On the command line,. STARTJOB Startresume current job.. Oct 11, 2016. oraclelocalhost impdp jaypassword directorydpdir tablesimptest, imptest2 contentdataonly dumpfileexpjayimptest.dmp. ORA-02374 conversion. Import startjob Import continueclient Job SYSIMPORTTABLE01 has been reopened at Tue Oct 11 073912 2016 Restarting JAY. Feb 23, 2015. In this post we will look at the solution given to us by the datapump processes and understand how the fact that were using data pump jobs, actually. Import stat. Job SYSIMPORTSCHEMA01. Operation IMPORT. Mode SCHEMA. State EXECUTING. Bytes Processed 0. Current Parallelism 1.


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