With Irish nationals leaving Ballyhaunis at a record rate following the economic recession, immigration has largely kept the community afloat. Pitching Up is an endearing portrait of the small town, focused on how introducing immigrants and first-generation Irish to traditional Gaelic sports has helped them integrate into the. Leaving Cert Irish Right, here we go with my first actual subject based post. Ive decided to begin with Irish as its a subject the majority of 6th years complete.. For example in my essay on Sport I had 9 paragraphs Introduction, peoples interest in sport, sport in schools, the skills and escapism involved in sport, positivity. Jun 10, 2014. In what has been described as the easiest higher level Irish exam in years, teachers are making comparisons with the Junior Cert as higher level students were offered a dream line-up of essay questions including such soft topics as famous people, human rights and things that are important in my life.

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