Holidays. The Guardian picture essay. For his project The Devoted, photographer Michael Wickham made portraits of religious leaders and spoke to them about their. Islam. Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, grand mufti of Australia Australian Islamic House. An exceptional book containing exemplary examples of the essays stylistic diversity, in tones variably comedic, sincere, enlightened and journalistic With its broad appeal (just where will this magnificent volume live in the bookstore essays, current affairs, cultural studies, Australian politics, religion, philosophy,. Australia is home to increased religious diversity and religious pluralism. Its current religious landscape is shaped through the dramatic effect of.

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Jan 10, 2013. Fagstoff Religious diversity is a common feature of modern, multicultural societies. To many people religion is integral in defining their identity. For some religion means belonging to a denomination, a community, and being a part of a huge entity. Whereas religion for others, might originate from a deep.