Boston University School of Management also breaks down the GPA question. Here are a few highlights A 3.0 or higher should be used on your rsum if you have your. Your GPA listing should be two decimal places out and not rounded up (e.g. 3.77, not 3.8). buy an essay online badge Do you round your GPA on your resume?. you always round down in those situations, not up.. If you dont put your GPA on your resume,.

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May 10, 2016. I get why you might round up to the nearest tenth on an online application (its a drop down menu and you dont have any other options, but on your resume I would just do to the nearest hundredth. Your GPA is high enough as it is. And people cant accuse of misrepresenting yourself on paper. Even if. In general, rounding your GPA will not make a huge difference. However, on a resume it almost always looks better to have a 3.3 as opposed to a 3.25 or a 3.5 as.