Mar 1, 1990. This idea was applied to Shakespeare in a recent essay by Gail Kern Paster, published in Shakespeare Quarterly, a scholarly review. Ms. Paster argues that the bleeding body in Shakespeares day was associated with female weakness and absence of control. And so when Caesar is stabbed, she argues,. Sep 13, 2016. As women, we face confusing pressure and contradictory questions in our lives. Kalki Koechlins essay beautifully discusses both these aspects of a womans life in detail. Indian women, have always been caught up between two roles the traditional and the liberated role. It is, as if she has two identities. Essays research papers - women in shakespeares plays. Free essay by this statement, the primary source of power for shakespearean women was their vaginas it was because of their genitals that they lived, died. Free Women Shakespeares Othello papers, essays, and research papers.

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