days ago. It is important to look after your first teeth and your permanent teeth. Keeping your teeth, gums and mouth clean and healthy can prevent disease and infection, and can help to avoid pain and sickness. Also a clean healthy mouth feels nice, looks good and keeps your breath fresh. Your teeth need to be. Teeth essay is an informative form of writing that widens the readers knowledge Less. Read the publication. best professional essay writers Aug 14, 2017. A persons teeth are not just there to look attractive in pictures. Teeth play a role in overall nutrition and general health. Teeth allow you to follow a healthy diet and stay well nourished by preparing the food you eat for swallowing and digestion. Regular dental care is important to maintain your teeth.

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Oral health A window to your overall health. Your oral health is more important than you might realize. Get the facts about how the health of your mouth, teeth and.