AIR DRY Describing (1) the moisture content of a substance when in equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere (2) woodpulp contains approximately 10 of moisture, paper 8 of moisture. ALUM The term used in papermaking for aluminium sulphate. Its action on rosin size is to precipitate the size upon the fibres giving. Glossary of papermaking terms Trisha. Garlock on FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Pulp Paper Glossary Browse below the most comprehensive collection of technical and commercial terms used in the pulp, paper,. Alkaline Papermaking Business Plan Writers Nyc Parking Glossary of Papermaking Terms. Abaca - plant more commonly known as manila hemp. Abrasiveness - property of the paper surface. Absorbency - capacity of the paper to absorb liquid. Acid free - paper free from any acid content or other substances likely to have a detrimental effect on the paper. Agitator - a revolving.

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Your Ultimate Pulp and Paper Dictionary on the. Papermaking fibers. These letters define the type of corrugated material in terms of the number of. Full list of print-related terminology.. To help you gain a better understanding of whats happening to your project, weve compiled a glossary of terms that we commonly use in our industry. A B C D E F. A technique of paper making which hardens the surface by passing the paper through a bath of animal glue or gelatin.