Guest Post: Rhys Hillman // @rhyshillman



So, how’s your company's Twitter and Facebook? Yeah, what about their Vine, Tumblr, Pinterest, Myspace or FourSquare? Remember when you set up that Google+... Odds are, if you’re being honest with yourself, a number of them are doing shit... They’ve got a dwindling number of followers, average engagement rates and have either been forgotten about or are so irrelevant by now that they may as well be.

Why is this a recurring trend that almost solely occurs within ‘digital’ - are we greedy? Do we assume that because it’s ‘cheap’ that it therefore equals ‘easy’? Whatever it is, we’ve created this barren landscape of under-loved platforms, detached from the core strategy, badly set objectives all under the guise of a retrofitted approach to justify their existence.

In a world where the client wants everything done now, for cheap and the agency wants to sell everything possible, we need to remember that regardless of platform, “less is always more”.

Try this for a change. Instead of having it all, why not go back to the strategic basics: - What message are you trying to get across? - Who are the key demographic for this message and where do they live online? - How are you going to best address the obstacles required to get this connect message & consumer? Ask these questions often, they should be really simple if your judgement isn’t being clouded... after all, money and time spent on a focused, coherent ‘front’ is much better than a scattered, fragmented ‘multi-channel’ approach.