5 questions with @BoredElonMusk


The real Elon Musk is inspiration enough, but @BoredElonMusk has been providing me with lots of inspiration lately, as he tweets out some amazing ideas.

1) Who do you find inspiring?

On a scale of 1 to 10, Donald Trump would be a 1 and Elon Musk would be a 10. First, the actual Elon Musk. It's refreshing to see someone who is building world changing technology and not just another daily deal app that gets acquired by Yahoo someday.

Secondly, Ev Williams. Him (and the other gents from Twitter) have played a huge roll in how we all communicate online.

Best of all, both of these guys seem fairly humble.


2) What's inspiring you lately?

Scientists who explain fictional scenarios in extremely logical ways. There's not a chance that anyone will ever combine every element on earth at the same time, but that didn't stop this guy from exploring the idea. 


3) Is it true people get their best ideas in the strangest places? Where do you get yours?

What an odd statement. Is there a "normal" place to get ideas? Is there some sort of office people go to that is designated for idea generation? Whether you're sitting in your office or on a cubic zirconia toilet, it's a good place for ideas. Mine tend to appear in the mornings as I'm drinking my coffee. The beans must do something to my synapses. 


4) In your opinion, what kills creativity most?

Scheduling creativity often leads to bland output. There will be moments when your creativity floods you, and it's important to capture as much of it as possible at that moment so you can pull from that bucket at a later time. 


5) Who do you most want to collaborate with? 

Vice. Those guys seem cool. Also Alexis Ohanian